Thursday, December 23, 2010

If we celebrated Christmas more...

My family plans to go out to eat on Christmas. Beyond gifts for kids and each other, we don't do a whole lot. From me, they just want cards. Sadly, I'm not a good card maker. I've been scanning the web for ideas. I delved into scrapbooking for awhile, but I wasn't particularly creative. I just spent a lot of money on stickers and paper. It looks good, but it's not quite homemade. Thus, I never learned the art of card making. Maybe someday. Right now, I don't know what to do or make for my family and yes, it's the 24th now! Yikes.

Anyways, we have a tree up but that's it. Since I'm not at my home in Asheville this year, there's no point in decorating. My roommate did decide to put up our faux Christmas tree a few days before we both left though and I did make ornaments, but I did so for later.

While I was looking for gift-making ideas for my family, I found a couple of awesome decorations I want to make.

Sputnik Mobile

Christmas tree ornament mobile

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