Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just ate: Native Foods Cafe

My mom was starving and I had her choose between two locations. Because she chose the easier-to-get-to one as my mother would, we ended up in Costa Mesa past ritzy South Coast Plaza. On one side of the mall lies In-N-Out and Chick-fil-A. On the other, The Lab and The Camp. The Lab, a self-proclaimed anti-mall, houses Urban Outfitters, Buffalo Exchange, and alternative stores. The Camp is newer. I actually don't remember seeing it last time, but it's a community of aluminum and white stretched outdoor-grade fabric. I saw people outside gardening and walking around. We parked in a spot that painted with "remain calm."

We went to The Camp because a few days previously, I had seen Native Foods Cafe on the sign. I have the restaurant in a different city bookmarked. I read about them in Orange Coast Magazine.

They serve vegan foods. Many people ask me if I'm a vegetarian or something, but I'm not. I just tend to eat things that don't have a lot of gross fat or oil. I went for their special, which was featured in Orange Coast Magazine: the scorpion burger with steamed kale. I ordered the wasabi black bean burger for mom.

The scorpion burger was a winner. The wasabi black bean burger wasn't bad but actually kind of bland even with everything around it.

The first time you go, you get a free drink. Choices include agave sweetened tea and watermelon agua fresca as well a lavendar lemonade. All of which were perfectly sweetened.

I couldn't resist a cardamom rose cupcake piled with cream. It's healthy right?

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