Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LA bakery road trip: Crumbs Bake Shop

The hardest to find was Crumbs Bake Shop. Unlike the others, this one was farther west on Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Fancy. I got lost in the hills where everything is lush, green, and tall for privacy I suppose. I then had to combat one-way roads when I finally reached S. Santa Monica and N. Santa Monica Boulevards. I couldn't find the entrance for the parking deck.

Yet, was it worth it?

Oh it was. They have so many interesting flavors like cookie and cream, Pinkalicious, Elvis, Ba Booey, and candy toppings. I typically like ordering the signature, but I wanted more and here it was. I went with the Cosmo cupcake with its lime frosting. Jen over at MadeByGirl spotlighted that particularly cupcake and so I decided on it.
The frosting was to-die-for. There was lots of it, which I proceeded to lop off then fork onto bites that didn't have frosting.

The actual cupcake was moist and good on all parts even when it touched the wrapper. Not too sweet either.

I ate it all. It's one of those cupcakes you eat once and think about later and drool. Yet you don't need many of them. First off, they're big. Secondly, you'll feel good and guilty afterwards but so good.

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