Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just baked: Butter mints

Clearly, I have a soft spot for a few places in Asheville. One of them in Bake It Pretty; the other is Old Europe Patisserie. Anytime there's a new recipe, I want to try it even if it's not something I'd eat. Here are butter mints.

Maybe when they dry and taste more like candy, I'll enjoy them, but right now they're just super sugary. Somehow my attempt turned out less doughy and more crumbly. Nonetheless, the granulated sugar acted like flour and kept the gooey dough for sticking to my hands.

My first batch was red. I tried to stick my gooey dough in a mold and it wasn't bendable plastic. The mold is a tad broken and the butter mints are still inside.

The second attemp was blue. Actually, the blue turned the mints a retro aqua blue, perfect for these butter mints. Also, I went for a mini biscuit cutter instead. It was no much easier.

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