Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just baked: Persimmon cupcakes

I saw persimmons at the store and remembered them being served for Chinese New Year. I never ate them and I can't remember if we had them fresh or dried. I don't remember the taste; I just remember seeing them.

I looked for recipes containing persimmons and found persimmon cupcakes.

I was afraid. I searched for pictures of the insides of persimmons to see what was ahead. Yancey thought it was a tomato and thought it strange I was baking a tomato cupcake.

First, make persimmon puree. I was concerned: where are the seeds?

I tossed them in the blender. The texture is similar to that of a tomato.

The cake ended up fluffy and moist and reminded me of a good carrot cake.

The frosting tasted and looked like sweet scrambled eggs... the recipe said to put all the ingredients together in a saucepan and that's what I did. Sweetened scrambled eggs aren't bad by the way.

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