Sunday, December 12, 2010

The first snow

It snowed! I woke up to the sounds of the snowplow, slept another 30 minutes, and woke up to work out at home. After I thought the snowplow was finished, I decided to go to the gym. Actually, much of the reason I decided to do so was because I wanted to see if I could get out of my driveway. Our driveway requires my car to reverse on an incline. After the big snows of last year, I learned to drive in snow and wanted to see if I could still do it. To get out of my driveway, I just have to reverse and not stop. Be fearless. I did it and made it to the gym for an hour of working out.

Nice start to the day.

Then I weighed myself for the first time in a month because I've been afraid. I'm 123 pounds. I was 113 more than a month ago. Somehow I gained 10 pounds. It could be all the baking because it's not muscle mass. Or I think my body has rebounded from being sickly thin. I don't believe I can be 113 forever. I would like to be 117 though. That was a good place. I used to complain but I promise, no more! I was fine at 117 when my belly was flatter.

Now I'm having coffee at my mainstay, Old Europe and eating part of an apple strudel until lunchtime. We're going to Boca for lunch so I can have my fix. I should have eggs though.

After lunch, I'm going over to Bake It Pretty's holiday open house to make some cupcake ornaments and buy things I don't need of course because it's 10% off!

Other things I'd like to accomplish today:
  • Find round labels that fit on my baby food jars. This will require carrying around a baby food jar today. Also get a cookie cutter.
  • While I'm there, hop over to the used book store.
  • Buy spices, including powdered sugar 'cause I'm out.
  • Maybe go see gingerbread houses at dinnertime.
  • Get a recipe from the bookstore to bake tonight. I'll let you in on it later.
  • Bake cookie clouds.

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