Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sleepy Sunday in Irvine

Oh gosh was today LAZY.

I woke up, consumed my first bowl ever of banana overnight oats, went to the grocery store for salmon (on sale!), and fell back asleep.

After my morning nap, I headed to Irvine to Wholesome Choice. I was so glad to have found it. I thought I'd found all the alternative markets (besides the Vietnamese and Mexican ones): Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Mother's, and Henry's or Sprout's.

Wholesome Choice might fit in as an ethnic market though, but it's a non-traditional ethnicity to me: Persian and Indian. *I also love Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese markets because they're cleaner than the usual Asian markets I go to.

For example, they have a big selection of dates, vegetables, and yogurt. They also have a lovely food court where I bought some chicken tikka masala to go with the hot Sangak, a Persian flatbread.

We waited a long time for Sangak, made somewhat like naan in a big oven. Everyone else was waiting for the $2.75 bread so I decided to wait too. What did I have to lose? Nothing. Because it was delicious! Mom went to town on it.

We also went to Assal Pastry nearby for a fruit tart. The tart has dipped in some chocolate for extra deliciousness.

While in Irvine, we like to go to all the Taiwanese/Chinese markets and shops in the area. Mom got her usual red bean bun and I got her some red bean gelato from Mochilato. I got myself a green tea mochi which I didn't realize was ice cream. I thought it was just mochi so it stayed in the car and melted while I went on my 4-mile walk. Oops.

Lazy Sunday ended with a 4-mile walk. I was glad the weather turned around because I was so tired all day that I fell asleep whenever I sat down. Guess that means I need to head to bed... after "CSI." I just turned on the TV and it was on and its been a long long time.

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