Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Living here again... soon

I'm working on being a resident, slowly. Give me a break though; I've only been here for a week.

Today was a major step though although I only got a piece of paper for my "interim driver license." Yeah, I took the test and it wasn't painful. First off, I only at the DMV for ONE hour! :) I only had to take 1/2 the test since I had a license before and missed two questions. The picture wasn't bad either.

I needed food after that: 0-cal noodles with 3 egg whites, broccoli, and bell peppers.

Mom and I attempted to go to the Upper Newport Bay Eco Reserve. It's known for its beauty in reviews, but I thought it looked like a marsh with paved roadway around. We escaped.

I stopped by Trader Joe's in Costa Mesa, hoping to get this: sugar, chocolate, and coffee bean grinder for $1.99. I saw it over at Love, Veggies, and Yoga and couldn't resist, but they were out at my local TJ's.

I can't wait to add it to my Chobani Greek yogurt. I wish there were more kinds of non-fat plain Greek yogurt. Thus far I've had Trader Joe's, Brown Cow, and the Greek Gods. I still have to try Voskos, Stonyfield Oikos, and Eros. Are there any other ones worth trying?

On the way home, we got the Chobani from Mother's Market as well as a pint of Arctic Zero Min Chocolate Cookie ice cream. It's delicious!

Before home, we had to stop by Sensitive Sweets to pick up my loaf of gluten-free, vegan, soy-free cinnamon bread. So good and chewy with just a hint of sweetness. I got a taste of their cake truffle too - sugary just like I like it. :)

I took a nap then I hit the gym. I was just in time to get the last pass for Body Pump. Woo. I set up my stuff then took the time before class to... get on the stair climber for 20 minutes. I wanted to do something besides bike or hop on the elliptical and this was the closest machine to the class. I was sweaty within a few minutes.

Body Pump was fantastic. I loved the instructor, Terence. He was tough and came around yelling at us. He was nice too and funny but kept us working past the songs. I'm not sure what exactly I'm looking for in an instructor because sometimes it's a connection, but in my experience, I like:
  • Talkers, but only if they can manage it while working out
  • Pushy instructors
  • Quirky instructors who get excited about random things and tell us tidbits from their lives
  • Fit bodies because how can you teach if you're not
  • Energetic and smiley, duh. I had one Body Pump instructor here who did not smile one bit.
I'm still working on finding my favorites and keeper classes to frequent. This may be one!

Dinner was the same ol' thing: fiber tortilla filled with turkey, goat cheese, and to change it up, baby bok choy.

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