Thursday, July 7, 2011

Goodbye Asheville: Fit together

I started to get in shape, and these people really helped me do it. When I wrote these, I found out how different my gym favorites are... in writing at least.

Julie is my favorite for cardio and if she did more of it, weights. She is hands-down the best. I admire her for her talents as an instructor, as a singer, as a mother of 3, and a person.

Sarah has muscles. So much so that she tried out for the Lingerie Football League. She's my favorite for strength workouts. For some reason, even if it's a pre-choreographed class, I feel myself working more when she teaches.

Eliza bakes pies for a living as well as runs group exercise classes. She's worldly, she's laid back. I wish I was like that too.

I can't forget to mention the smiley staff at the gym, including the fitness manager Katie.

...and my all-time favorite, Cody! And Renee! Aww, aren't they adorable?

Renee drew me this "gato" and gave me an apricot scone.

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