Friday, July 8, 2011

A few necessities

I'm post-sweaty and gross, but I'm waiting for the shower so I'll blog while I wait. And turn on the TV. Sadly, 4:30 is a bad time for TV and I remember this from when I'd come back from high school. All that's on are talk shows or soaps or news... which I should watch but totally suck at being interested. I picked some show on wine country food and wine, of course.

Okay, so my day has been tiring, or well I'm tired still.

After I finally hit the hay, I woke up at 7:30ish and drank my Shakeology.

I hit my new gym (24 Hour Fitness), signed in with my fingerprints, and headed to the elliptical machine for 15 minutes. Well, 14 minutes once I saw that so many people were lining up for Turbo. I was in the middle and didn't get a front row spot. I estimated about 70 people. I really had to watch out for where I kicked and sometimes couldn't kick.

The instructor Molly remembered me though! She saw me and came up and hugged me. Yeah, it's her job, but I would never have gotten to know her had I not gone to a smaller studio for classes.

I stayed for a class she teaches that incorporates weights. I didn't know if this was like cardio barre at the other studio so I grabbed what everyone else did: 5 pounders. I realized I could have done my usual 10 pound hand weights like the girl next to me - she was definitely the one to watch in class.

Afterwards, I looked for some PB8, cheapest at Sprouts.

I found some of Yogi Egyptian licorice tea over at Mother's.

My extra thick orange yoga mat came from a trip to Marshall's.

Finally, my aunt took us to Costco where I bought a bucket of tropical fruit and cashews. I left that in mom's car so I wouldn't eat all of it. I'm such a bad grazer. I also nabbed some Rainer cherries.

Now to rest, I guess. I was up for going out more but mom's tired. I'm thinking a shower then do my nails, and possibly walk over to Walgreens for a toenail polish color.

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