Saturday, July 9, 2011

Eh, it's my birthday.

*Pictures updated when I get my camera cord!

Birthday day started so strange. I woke up early to go to Body Pump and Zumba.

I've never tried Body Pump. It's the same as Power except the weights are different and the clasps are not clasps but more like... I don't know. The equipment was old school pastel. Even the instructor looked like she came out of the 80s - she wore a headband seriously. I picked the same weights as the fittest looking girl. By fit, I mean strong not skinny. Skinny chicks creep me out.

I tried Zumba. Lots of little old ladies here too, or Asian women. I had to pee halfway through and decided to go and just leave because there were again like 60 people. It would be hard to maneuver my way back to my old spot. Plus, I was getting light-headed.

I walked to my aunt's house since mom wasn't scheduled to pick me up for 30 more minutes. The walk was only 15. I surprised mom when she saw someone in her car, which was unlocked.

Mom and I went to the farmer's market at UCI (University of California Irvine). I was excited because I love farmer's markets. I bought a couple of white peaches, some sweet pepper goat cheese from Soledad Goats, and a jalapeno cheddar scone from Blackmarket Bakery. I was actually hoping for their cinnamon rolls - I've never had one but heard great things and you know I love my cinnamon rolls. They don't bake them for the market but bake them for Kean Coffee every morning so I'll have to get those very soon... like tomorrow after Turbo. :)

We had a reservation to use my Groupon for 118 Degrees. We got the fried avocado mini tostado of which we each ate one. We shared the brunch and the Taste of Italy. Mom asked me why we ate like 4 different types of salads... I guess that's true.

The brunch today included a caramel banana with buckwheat granola, a Thai lettuce wrap, a fresh garden salad, and a pecan truffle. The granola and salad were amazing, the truffle was okay, and the lettuce wrap was flavorless.

Mom ate all the pesto-stuffed mushrooms, we tried some of the pizza but it had things I don't like much - olives and cukes, and a giant Caesar salad. I have enough leftover for at least 2 more meals!

We walked around Ikea fairly quickly. I snapped pics of my favorite things.

After much hesitation because it's a little far, mom took me to 85 Degrees for a sea salt coffee and a mango blossom for my birthday cake, which I'll have later. I already delved into some of my favorite, cranberry cream cheese bun thingy. It's huge so I ate the good parts (the middle) and left mom the rest.

If it was up to me, today would've included a trip to Babycakes in LA or to SusieCakes in Newport Beach. Actually, mom would've taken me to Newport, but I decided to go to 85 Degrees instead.

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