Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Killer (yet perfect) Saturday mornings

This past Saturday was a Zumba and boot camp morning. Boot camp was so killer apparently that my whole body was sore. It began with light jogging, walking lunges paired with biceps/front laterals/side laterals, bear crawls, my most dreaded frog jump, and other basketball drill like exercises. After that, we did a circuit without resting of 1 minute burpees, reverse sit-ups, push-ups, and one leg balancing toe touches.

I went by Yogurtland because they teamed up with Sanrio. I got mom some yogurt and had a few bites myself.

We then headed to the SoCo Farmer's Market, which incidentally had their Farm to Truck challenge. There were about 20 trucks there altogether and 10 of the trucks had 60 minutes to grab food from the market then 60 minutes to cook it up. We didn't stay though.

Instead, we explored The South Coast Collection.

It's a bunch of small rental spaces.

Saturday's eats:
1/3 of Blogilates' low carb, low fat pizza

Made this chocolate PB mug cup, but it was uh, overcooked and rubbery. :/

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