Friday, July 22, 2011

My existence on yogurt & PB with some sushi & beer

I started off with 24 S.E.T. I'm getting used to it and there are a few regulars including my former P.E. teacher. A couple of the girls are my age and super nice. I found that I need 10 pound weights on the barbells and typically a set of 5 and 8 pound hand weights. There's not enough time to change them out because the clasps that hold the weights pretty much suck.

Today was the first day we had to get hand stamps for Turbo. I got it right before S.E.T. class.

I ate some Voskos Greek yogurt with Trader Joe's sugar, chocolate, & coffee bean grinder grounds on top.

Mom and I headed to Mother's Market for apples. I bought one. Sad, but I'm picky. This yogurt, non-Greek, was on sale so I bought one for 45 cents.

We saw a store called Farmer's Harvest a block away and on the way home so we stopped. It was a fabulous store with tons of fruits and vegetables at cheap prices. They had a little bit of everything too. I got a few apples since it's hard for me to even wash veggies - I've bought bags instead. :/ Also, a beer. SERIOUSLY. See?

Chris and I went to have happy hour Japanese food at Kabuki with his friend. They ate actual rolls, but I ordered us the mussels. Unfortunately, they were topped with mayo so I brushed that off and ate two mussels. I snacked on some edamame as well. They got too many rolls with spicy tuna and I had the spicy tuna salad. It wasn't great, but it was a better choice than the "krab." Though I won't want any spicy tuna for a long long time.

Afterwards, I went by Whole Foods. They're more expensive than Mother's, but I didn't want to go back especially since Whole Foods is on the way.

So what's in my bag?

Tons of PB. I had to stock up with some new ones: NuttZo's Organic Multi-Nut Butter and Justin's Organic Honey PB.

I got myself a Zevia for sweetness today and a product new to my Whole Foods, Living Intentions Superfood Cereal! I mixed it up, but my faves are the acai blueberry and hemp & greens.

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