Friday, June 1, 2012

Last donut & coffee with dad

Not much gets me choked up. I'm not very sensitive to say the least, or I'm a Cancer and totally hold it in.

Today was my dad's last day here. He's headed back home and once he left, I just started bawling in my car. We went to Krispy Kreme for a free sample donut on their 75th birthday and National Donut Day.

I'm going to miss donuts and coffee with dad. :/


After work, I took my dad shopping for a little bit before we got dinner. We ended up getting frozen yogurt at CdM Yogurt before buying a Yoshinoya beef bowl for him. I ate an Amy's Indian samosa wrap with Alexia spicy sweet potato fries.

We basically hung around till he left. I carried all the heavy boxes into the car and immediately got teary. I decided to stay home and just chill. One year and he'll be back... I was gone for 6 years in college and didn't see my dad that often then, but when I do see him, it's hard when he leaves. 

This weekend is the first weekend of June. This month is pretty big:
  • School lets out.
  • Going to Austin!
  • Starting my summer job.
Must save money. I spent a lot this month hanging out with dad instead of mooching off food from mom. I've worked 8 months here and have not saved very much. I want to do a little better with my savings since I blew everything I made from the preschool. :/

As for this weekend, everything returns to normal again.
  • Saturday TurboKick with Jamie
  • Haircut and Costco with mom
  • Sunday yoga
  • Working on Sunday
  • Beach bonfire Sunday night

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