Saturday, June 30, 2012

Give & receive: giveaway winner

Not my typical Saturday. I was at work at 8 A.M., watched ladies judge knitted blankets/clothes/caps, was the model for an ugly sweater, moved giant fake cheese/antique kitchenware/fake lemon trees, and cleaned out a moldy refrigerator.

I had a good time though I was exhausted. I powered through the afternoon with a green juice and then came home for a little nap.

Dinner included 2 shrimp spring rolls (with the rice paper not fried) and a taste of Annie's Organic Whole Wheat Shells & White Cheddar that was a gift from my Foodie Penpal.

There's not quite enough sauce for my liking, but it's pretty fantastic for the nutritional value.

Don't worry, I remembered to pick my 1000th post giveaway winner.

Congratulations Jordan! You're getting all this in your mailbox very soon.

Jordan, e-mail me at luong.julieann [at] with your address.

If you didn't win, I have another giveaway coming up for my birthday in a week so stay tuned!

I need to take my smelly self to the shower now.

How was your Saturday? Did you work or relax? Tomorrow's my relaxing day! :)

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  1. saturday was awesome because i got my pen pal box (i'd been out of town and away from the post office so i couldn't pick it up). it was a reveal to me and to my blog on the same day!