Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to... (Pinteresting Wednesday)

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How to add more fruit: frozen blueberries covered in Greek yogurt. I haven't been eating much Greek yogurt lately.

How to add more sweet potatoes:

How to eat more good food: I need some brown rice tortillas for these.

Lately, I've been a pescatarian, and I do love salmon (sliders).

Pizza is always a must especially with added fruit.

I've always been fascinated with pinwheels.
Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I had cinnamon roll French toast at a restaurant. These are cinnamon roll pancakes!

How to cool down this summer:
Source: via Julie on Pinterest

How to spend the summer:


  1. I love the color of the blue room! It looks so pretty and so full of summer.
    Also those Pancakes look amazing! I would need a chef to make me those though lol. I would not be able to make them that pretty.

    1. Not sure I could make those pancakes either!

  2. I've totally found my next "must make" item; those grilled cheese crepes look amazing! The yogurt covered blueberries is genius.