Sunday, June 10, 2012

Belated June goals, and a look at May.

I woke up early but slept late so I was tired and so not in the mood for working out. Bikram was schedule for today. So far I've used 4 of my 10 classes and haven't gone this week. Then mom wanted dim sum so we took the family out. I had 2 shu mai (pork and shrimp dumplings) and the middle of 2 pineapple buns.

Anyways, I was not really up for hoop dance or Bikram today. Instead, my cousins and I headed to a local park/our former middle school. We played basketball, ran a lap around the track, swung, and walked around the school.

(from Drop Dead Healthy)

The middle school is nicely laid out. Very typical of California middle schools from something I read somewhere. P.S. Middle school was my favorite. I hated high school so working in high schools must be me trying to make up for it. Maybe?

It's quite a many days into June and I forgot to go over my May goals.
  • Finish Mockingjay and 2 other books.
  • Study to chapter 8 this month!
  • Run the Cinco de Mayo Reaching for the Cure 5K for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.
  • Go to 2+ Meetup events.
  • Use that Bikram Groupon. I looked up the series and tried to see if I was still capable. One of my Bikram goals: get toe stand again!
  • Use my chiropractor/massage Groupon.
  • Sign up for a Tspoons class to use up that Groupon. Suggestions??! I can't pick one!  
  • Go to yoga once a week. 
I'm sad I didn't get a chance to read Mockingjay, especially since it's an audiobook. I'm not a good audiobook reader.

But, I've gone to yoga 3xs this week and went to barre 3xs too! My booty is in some good pain today.

Hello June!
  • Finish Mockingjay and read Drop Dead Healthy, which I also need to buy.
  • Study a chapter this month 'cause let's be real.
  • Catch up with Joy the Baker and Jillian Michaels' podcasts.
  • Sign up for a Tspoons class!
  • Try Ashtanga yoga.
  • Go hiking (in Austin).
  • Complete 4-5 of my Summer Bucket List items.
  • Go vintage/thrift shopping to dress more like Meg. Gosh, she dresses so well.
  • Do the Awesomesauce Arms workout every night from here on out. If no weights available, do body weight arm workouts.
What's on your list of June goals?
How did you fare with your May goals?

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