Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hanging with the [Austin] locals

On Friday, our host, Joe, signed up for his neighborhood fish fry so we tagged along.

Barton Springs*: lots of dogs, kind of smelly. I opted to stay out of the water.
*It's a part of the river but with man-made rocks for public use.

I hung out with Precious instead.

Lunch at El Arroyo again: Cancun veggie avocado.

We walked downtown to digest the food.

Vintage stores:

Big Top candy shop where I got some vegan gummies and because my candy didn't cost the minimum, shared a Blue Bell cookies and cream ice cream with Sara.

Home for a nap before heading to Sam's Boat for drinks and pool.

I stayed up for a little and chatted with Joe. I got a few hours of sleep then headed to the airport before 7 to catch our ride home.

Home: just as sunny but not as hot.

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