Sunday, June 10, 2012

MIMM: Gifted, on the cheap.

One week left. I started my job after school started, but I call it a year. It's the most marvelous job I've had thus far, and I'm sad I'm unemployed from it this summer.

Thankfully, I am still working at my P.M. retail job and also nabbed a temporary summer position too (more about it later).

Anyways, I went card shopping yesterday in preparation for this week. It took me a whole hour to buy a Father's Day card and thank you cards.

The card for my dad was intended for "father from son." I loved the panda graphic though and it just says "from your special pal." Totally unisex. That was easy.

The thank you cards took forever to find. I didn't want to waste money on individual cards but the card packs were too girly, too expensive and numerous, or ugly. My biggest pet peeve: font ugliness. Who's with me?

I ended up with this simple card from Target. I tried to write nice messages in the card with an unfortunate pen. :/ Oh well.

I also grabbed a couple of easy, cheap gifts and need to figure out others.

Coco Libre, my favorite coconut water, for the runner-teacher. Iced green tea for the teacher who keeps offering me tea.

For myself, 8 pound weights from TJ Maxx. I've been searching for 8-10 lb. weights for a long time. Weights are not typically attractive so I think I did well, especially with the $16 price for both.

Nail polish from Walgreens:

I love this cheap ($4 for 3) Wet N' Wild polish with the flat brush.

Do you keep a stash of notecards or thank you cards?
What kind of home workout equipment do you have? I have weights, a jump rope, an exercise ball, Gymboss interval timer, and videos: Billy Blanks, Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels, Slim in 6, and TurboKick DVDs from my training.
What's your favorite nail polish?


  1. Loving the nail polish!!!!! You know I get happy over nail polish!

    Yeah for the great deal on weights too!

    Happy Monday love!

  2. Diggin the nail polish :) Especially the one you put on your nails!

    1. I love the gray too, but the purple is definitely fun on my hands!

  3. I love that purple nail polish!! I have been searching for one, and $1 or so is my speed! ;) Besides collecting nail polish, I have a ton of thank you and blank cards. They just always come in handy, and I think it shows people you really care when you send a hand-written note. :)

    (not sure how to comment as me lol! I'm using a different email than I am used to, but this is Kalee from -- thank you for commenting as well!!) :)

  4. I love nailpolish! That purple is gorgeous.

    And yep! I bought a bunch off of etsy. They've come in handy on more occasions than one!!!

    Happy Monday :D