Sunday, June 24, 2012

Float the river & bar hopping through Austin

Plan: float the San Marcos River south of Austin

Of course, I got stuck within the first few minutes in.

We met wonderful people along the way. Sara and Joe weren't into the "frat" dude families. I gave them a Bud Light Lime-A-Rita and they gave us 64 calorie beers.

Two beers settled me in. We also learned from the veteran floaters - put your feet up around the cooler tube.

Shower and rest before my college friend Meredi came to pick us up. We headed to Ruta Maya for drinks. I had a hibiscus tea + lemonade + vodka.

We hung out at Meredi and her boyfriend/another college acquaintance, Frank's apartment. We watched dailies of his newest project via his partnership, Guerrilla Day Project.

Mer drove us to El Arroyo to meet up with Rebecca and her co-workers. I was hungry, but I ended up just drinking. First stop, tequila shots at Third Base before closing...

Then Donn's Depot, a train car turned bar.

The bathroom was ridiculous - shag rug and a second level with poles. I felt like I was on a circus train.

Free drinks from the co-workers: a couple of Dos Equis and shots with a couple of cute guys.

Um, these weren't the cute ones. Sorry.

Good or at least interesting conversations later, we ate leftover guac and mushrooms out of a styrofoam container on our ride home.

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