Sunday, June 17, 2012

I ate a cow.

For breakfast, I ate a whole cow.

Okay, maybe not, but my serving of shaking beef (or bo luc lac) was huge!

For father's day, I took my uncle and aunts to brunch at the only restaurant my vegetarian uncle likes. Someone or another takes him there every year for Father's Day or his birthday. This was my first turn.

Afterwards, we went to the cemetery to see grandpa.

When we got home, my aunts immediately wanted me to take pictures of pictures and teach them how to use facebook.

My aunt dug up quite a few pictures, but my favorite was this one of all my aunts and uncles.

My dad is the 3rd one from the right. Though he looks like his brother on his left, he really looks least like any of them and more like the sister on his right.

They wanted to go to Costco so I took them as well.

I was still full from brunch and because it was 3 P.M., I took a little nap. I've been getting into a bad habit of napping lately.

And I'm still full. Hopefully a little more walking around will make it go away.

How did you celebrate Father's Day? I still have to deliver a card, beer, and sake for my uncle who was at work and could not join us for father's day.

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