Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Letters: Bikram Fail & Kids No Fail


Dear Bikram, Friday afternoon is just not a good time for you. It involves a smoothie at lunch, but I'm at work and cannot.

Dear Digestion, Please get better so I can do Bikram in the afternoons if I choose and still eat a normal-ish lunch.

Dear Shoulders, Aren't you glad I skipped Bikram today though?

Dear Feet, Sorry I subjected you to borrowed shoes today. I made it up by working in the dreaded records room and taking my shoes off.

Dear Belly, Whoa, you were quite hungry there: half a turkey sandwich and lite string cheese then half a PB & banana sandwich. My fault really cause why would I bring extra food if I was planning to NOT eat it?!

Dear Cousins, I always have a midday snack out of habit. I ate a couple of homemade potstickers and part of your homemade quesadilla from your late lunch.

Dear Parents, Your kids are too slow when they get their frozen yogurt. Mine melts too much before I can pay for it!

Dear Costco, I like samples. Please have more. I commend you for your cheap-o rotisserie chicken that feeds me (the breasts), mom (the dark meat), and bones (the dogs).

Dear Kids, One more week left. Time to buckle down.

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