Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday: Yogi

I woke up, went to yoga (Ashtanga-influenced), worked, and went to yin yoga. You can say I'm on a yoga kick.

I did some new poses today in the Ashtanga class and boy was it tough.

Among the poses I practiced today...

This. Somewhat.



This. Maybe not as far back though.

This. My hips need more opening.

Not this.

And from my Tumblr...

We did attempt the first steps towards a headstand.

I can do shoulder stands though.

One of my goals is the pose on the left, but I can do the dancer's pose on the right.

Good for my back.

Do you practice yoga?
Why do you practice yoga? I want more open hips and back extensions to balance out my body. I also practice lots of patience.


  1. Oh gosh I wish I could do half of these moves!!

  2. Practice! Though it'll take a lot of practice to get to a headstand!