Sunday, June 3, 2012

Real home: dining room ideas

Dining rooms are just hard. I've never had a formal one and probably won't have one again.

In my last home, I painted our walls asparagus green. It turned out fantastic. My roommate had a cheap-o dining room table from Walmart. We reupholstered the chairs to make them look sleeker.

One of my requests: a round table. I guess it's because I know we're getting a smaller house that I'm opting for a 4-person table.

We also had a chalkboard backsplash. It wasn't the best choice for a backsplash, but I'm totally for it in a little wall space.

Color scheme: pink. I love Making It Lovely's wallpapering and never would've thought to have done it in the dining room. It makes sense though.

Never have I ever had a sideboard. I saw one for sale on craigslist that looked just like this one!
Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I prefer the wood look above but who am I to complain? I really just want a liquor station.

To go with the white sideboard above...

If all else fails, Ikea carries this!

White dinnerware photographs best and will end up getting white for the dining room. However, I got two Red Vanilla brown pebble plates from TJMaxx. The color would work well with pink.

I don't have a picture of the plates, but I did find the bowls online. Not as nice as the plate though.

I also bought two Kate Spade plates (not pictured). One broke, but I love it. Since it's a deep orange, I would use it in the kitchen... except it's also china.


I won't worry too much about the plates. Since I've nabbed some good ones at TJMaxx, I'm hoping to get a bunch of mismatched ones there.

What are your favorite things to look for at TJMaxx/Marshalls besides clothes?
Where have you found your best furniture items? We had a Habitat home store in Asheville, NC. I bought a great dresser and side table though I left both behind. :/

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