Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters: To my children


We all know I don't have kids. I may refer to them as mine, but they're not. Also, I couldn't have high schoolers because well, I would've been no older than 10 years old when they were born.

Today was our last day and I'm sad. I got some great hugs and thank yous from students.


Dear Earth Science freshmen, It took awhile to warm up to you, but you were all so respectful and funny. I never liked freshmen much till you guys. You are too adorable. I can't wait to see you evolve in high school.

Dear English juniors, Class was so easy with you guys. I was so fortunate to work in your class because I heard the other kids are crazy. Juniors (and boys) have always been my favorite. Please be good seniors.

Dear Slo, We click and not in some creepy way. I liked you more and more through the year because while you are never on task, you are extremely nice and polite. You always listen to me (respect for authority). We all agree you've got charm. And let's be honest, you were my favorite. :)

Dear Dom, My head is spinning from all the Algebra 2 this year. I guess I liked you enough to stick it out. I applaud all your efforts when it comes down to the wire. Next year, we are getting you ahead or at least on top of everything.

Dear M, I loved seeing you everyday. You are the most relaxed and smiley person I know. I saw a lot of changes in you this year. I know it was tough, but you'll get through it. You're my little project for however long I'm here.

Other things I will not forget my first year here:
  • Great reviews from different teachers (much better than last year)
  • Awesome placement with all male teachers
  • Making friends with my co-workers + our coffee dates + yoga sessions + upcoming trip!
  • Hearing high school gossip (I feel so cool)
  • Walking students to supervision almost daily for awhile there
  • Taking students to see the nurse to make sure they weren't high
  • The teacher and my fave racing, and the teacher winning 

  • Falling in love with education all over again
Teacher and students 

Besides your family and friends, are there people in your life that are really important?

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