Wednesday, June 27, 2012

TV summer addiction

The summer of 2000: "Young Americans." We met Matt Czuchry. It was my "Dawson's Creek" because I wasn't into those guys. James Van Der Beek was not my type. Whose type was he anyways? Sadly, it was a one summer show.

The mix of "Dawson's Creek," "Young Americans," and Nicholas Sparks books must have unconsciously steered me towards North Carolina.

Other shows I was totally into:
  • "Making the Band" season 1 with O-Town

  • (source)
  • "MasterChef" season 1 with Sharone Hakman

  • (source)
  • A bunch of the spinoffs of "Flavor of Love" including "I Love New York" but not a "Real Chance of Love"

  • (source)
  • "The Ultimate Fighter" season 5
And let me tell you how into them I was:
  • I know all the lyrics to O-Town's "Liquid Dreams" and still do.
  • I met Sharone Hakman and bought his BBQ sauce.
  • I was Flavor Flav for Halloween one year.
  • My roommate and I went to Hooters for fights all the time.
Otherwise, I stick to my usuals like "Bones" or "CSI." Everything else is a one hit wonder.

My show this year is... "Love in the Wild." I didn't see it last year. I'm not one to watch "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette." First, I like the mix of men and women. Second, there are lots of "good" people on the show, as in... kind of normal.

My favorite is definitely the Englishman, Ben. He's so much more attractive when moving and talking than in pictures.


Sometimes I take reality TV a little seriously. I was just watching the after-show on AfterBuzz (live!) and heard some gossip about Ben: he may still be with the Hooters spokesmodel with of course, a huge rack.

(via her Twitter)

What TV shows have watched for a long time?
Which new shows are you into?

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  1. I love Dawson's Creek! I own the box set lol. I have watched many shows for a long time like big brother, Law and order, General Hospital, the list can go on and on.
    One new show I am really loving is Common Law on USA. I love watching it.