Sunday, June 10, 2012

The easy life, Saturday

Let me admit it: I've got an easy life. If I didn't work today, I would have been bored outta my mind. Thankfully I took someone's afternoon shift - that leaves the morning and I wake up pretty early.

Instead of TurboKick, I decided to go to 3.5 hours of barre, yoga, and Zumba. I'm a little obsessed. Barre and yoga are IT right now.

To start my day, I drank a ton of water and had a chocolate Shakeology in almond milk.

I got hungry after yoga and ate a handful of almonds before Zumba.

Gah, Zumba was BAD. There are so many terrible instructors because the training is just ONE DAY. Also, I'm spoiled. I've had the best instructors ever in a great Zumba community in Asheville. But this one... yikes. She only did moves on the left side.

I grabbed some lite Mexican blend cheese from Trader Joe's to make a chicken quesadilla for lunch.

Not much later, I went card shopping. It took me an entire hour to find a Father's Day card for my dad (duh) and a pack of thank you cards for school. Dad's card was easy to pick, but I wanted cheap but attractive thank you cards. Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with fonts? Obsessed. It's a deal breaker.

Work was easy. I had about 4 customers, way over my 2.5 customer allowance, but they were all so laid back. Maybe it's because I snagged some Usana Rev 3 (my boss, who has a doctorate in alternative medicine, likes Usana's vitamins) and added it to my water. Not sure, but I have a few more to test out.

Or it was because of some frozen yogurt: Only 8 malted chocolate and cake batter.

I had a light dinner of chicken and broccoli, both steamed.

I filled my void with lite string cheese, shared popcorn, and a dip into an on-sale sea salt caramel Talenti Gelato. HEAVEN with the abundant chocolate pieces.

What do you eat more in the summer?
Be honest, is your life easy?

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