Saturday, June 16, 2012

Digging for Gold

TurboKick was rather unsuccessful today and my knee hurts a little from being too upset/aggressive. The set wasn't my favorite and I felt like I was moving slow. On days like this, I want to redo the workout, but I realize that's insane and... a bad workout is better than no workout.

Afterwards, I headed to Gold's Gym to use my Groupon for a one year membership. I paid $189 for the deal.

Now I look like I'm hardcore and a real bodybuilder right? :)

I swung into the Goodwill nearby and then another Goodwill on the way home and the Salvation Army (with 50% off everything). I was in a thrift shopping spree thanks to Meg of With A Sentimental Heart/Fitnessista's fashion page! I am so inspired by her clothing!

$2 Fresh Produce shirt & really good fitting capris ($6)

Jacket I couldn't pass up even though it was expensive at $13 but had all the tags on it

Shoes! I went with an 8 to give me some comfort. $10 for this little peep toe. I love peep toes, but my toes are not that cute.

I'm excited to dress up! Yes, this is dressing up for me!

I also thought I would give myself a manicure and facial, but now I'm tired after lunch. Later, I hope?

Do you shop at thrift stores? Where? I also like Buffalo Exchange if I can find cheaper, random items.
What are your best thrift store/shopping tips?

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