Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday: Femininity (& DIYs)


Just got home from yoga and hoop dance classes. 3 hours of fun. I skipped the first yoga class at 4:30 to nap and eat my early bird dinner, but once I get there, I'm all in.

2 chicken spring rolls (just lettuce and chicken)

I never thought I had a particularly addictive personality, but I do get addicted to healthy things. Thank goodness I'm not addicted to alcohol or drugs or some other habit.

Anyways, I love level 2 yoga. I'm really challenged and started to drip in sweat. I may be the only person who gets drippy in the classes. All this yoga has opened my hips a little more! Yay!

Afterwards, I took hoop dance and got a bit of an arm workout. We even listened to dub step. Paired with hooping, I was in total hippie mode.

Now, onto Pinteresting Wednesday!

I need help doing this now, but one day this will happen without help.
Source: via Julie on Pinterest
Can you really swim in this?
Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Who would've thought they'd be fashionistas?
Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Cute, longer skirt.

Polka dotted flats.
Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I love all of this, and I'm not usually a lavender kind of gal. The lamp is my favorite.

Real bedroom.

Dream kitchen.

They say this is in Paris.

Might need to do this in the fridge: fill balloons with water and food coloring then freeze!

Very "Dexter."

I don't eat enough grilled cheese sandwiches.

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