Saturday, June 2, 2012

Real home: bedroom ideas

We're looking to get a house within the next year and I'm getting excited about all the possibilities. Okay, I won't live in one of my dream homes, but I can make it my dream home. Instead of rushing it and wasting money, I really want to plan step by step. Some of my favorite homes are typical - Making It Lovely and Young House Love's current home.

I decided to start with my bedroom and a few of my favorites from Pinterest and other blogs.

Okay, this looks like a dorm, but I like the color on the ceiling and the coziness of this room.

I love this color on walls!

Some lights would be nice.
Source: via Julie on Pinterest

And for a dresser...

Cheap DIY of an Ikea dresser.
Source: via Julie on Pinterest

  • Bed, obviously. I just need a simple frame.
  • Dresser
  • Nightstand(s) with a place for books
  • Decorative pieces: mirror (see below), lamps for nightstands, ceiling lamp, some sort of art (goes with theme)
  • Pintuck sheets maybe
Theme/color scheme
To keep me company: 

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

A mirror just like this!

An alarm clock/radio for my iPhone. Not necessary.

My room's about me!


Thankfully the bedroom is simple.

What do you have in your bedroom?
How do you decorate your room?

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