Thursday, June 21, 2012

Getting to know Austin

Greetings from Austin!

Vacation is fun, sometimes.

My friend Sara is catching up with her friends and I'm meeting new people. Kind of. I'll admit I'm mostly trying to roll with a different group of people.

Ready for our trip...

I was offered a first class seat by a man who wanted to sit with his family. I was so glad because I get motion sickness.

Our digs for the trip:

Courtesy of Christina & Joe. Pretty sweet.

The Austin Chronicle is so much like the Mountain Xpress.

We got in so late Tuesday night that we just stopped by a local bar, Nomad, and drank Lone Star beers.

In the A.M., we had breakfast (eggs & oatmeal) at home before embarking on a walk around the neighborhood. The houses were all the kind I like.

Sara's sister Rebecca came to take us to a 24-hour coffee shop, Beenu, that serves both sandwiches and pizza.

Across from Beenu's

We stopped by the second largest Whole Foods in the country! We'll have to go again today to get groceries. Our only aim was lunch: Whole Foods salad bar salads.

Check out what I picked up!

I bought a pair of Teva sandals to save my feet. My 2 year old Rainbows are done for. They're not the most attractive things, but they were good for walking.

We did a little more walking, visiting the University of Texas and seeing Rebecca's place.

For dinner, we met up with Christina and Joe for dinner on South Congress.

Hopdoddy's Janis Joplin veggie burger sans cheese:

I ate half.

Shared Amy's whiskey caramel ice cream, suggested by my friend Meredi (who I get to see this weekend) and a girl I met at the Blogilates meetup.

South Congress bridge on our way to see the bats

It was rather... uneventful. We headed home and I caught up on "Love in the Wild." I was saddened by Ben's choice (if you watch the show).


  1. Austin looks so pretty! Vanilla Almond Butter? I need this asap:)

    1. I had to buy packets, but they have the jars as well. I just couldn't bring it on the carry-on.