Monday, June 18, 2012

MIMM: Everyday I'm Tumblin'

I'm embarking on a new journey. Yeah, I always come up with crazy ideas, but the summer is the best time to test this one out.

Being a vegetarian helped me lose weight - maybe because I'm Asian. I'm decreasing my meat intake this summer. My friends are mostly vegetarians anyways and a friend just lost all the gunk from her middle from doing The Ultimate Reset (my big trouble area). It's fine with me because I don't like meat a whole lot and should incorporate more veggies into my daily intake.

After eating that cow yesterday, I'm thinking...

Where I need to be. I worry too much.
Summertime camping sounds fun?

Some fruits :)

I can omit the sprinkles.

Joy the Baker inspires me to make and wear bracelets.

I want to string lights in my room.

I wouldn't normally pick a dress like this, but it's perfect!

This color is perfect for summer. I need to paint my nails tonight for our trip.

To counter the cow I ate and the beer/liquor I consumed yesterday...

Breakfast: chocolate Shakeology pre-TurboKick & PiYo (super hard today)

Lunch: I'm watching "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" online for free over at Join the Reboot. I've wanted to see this for a long time! It inspired my green juice today!

Dinner: cauliflower mashed up with salt & pepper, edamame, and boiled kale with lemon

What's the best diet (not dieting kind) for you? I try to eat more meat because of my activity level, but it doesn't help. Instead, I feel lethargic and full all the time. Case in point: my brunch yesterday. Probably because I have digestive issues.

*Also, PB Finger wrote a great post on Intuitive Eating. I perused the book once.


  1. I've been cutting out meat lately too. Not for any huge reason, I just don't love it and don't like how I feel after I eat it. So I'm making a big effort to eat the recommended number of fruits & veggies every day to make sure I get a bunch of nutrients in my diet!

  2. I rarely eat meat anymore. I can't stand the texture and tend to get grossed out more often than not. I mostly get my protein from veggie burgers, beans, and Greek yogurt

    1. I don't get grossed out by the texture, but I don't like how I feel after. I'm cutting out Greek yogurt for a little because it's dairy and well, I'm wondering if I may be semi-lactose intolerant.