Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WIAW: 75%+ veggies & fruits

Hey y'all! I'm in Austin, Texas right now, but I wanted to post this before I got here. I've decided to get super healthy. I've always been pretty healthy, but I need to clear out my system.

On Monday, I drank two green juices! I was hungry, but I moved quickly and had lots of energy.

Here's my green juice dinner - The Greenie from Nekter Juice Bar.

With cauliflower mashed + salt & pepper + a lite string cheese (not pictured)

This was demoed at the grocery store and I read about it in my e-mail from Hungry Girl. Yummy.

I'm hoping to keep this up while here with lots of veggies and less meat. I'm getting protein through powders, which isn't completely ideal, but my stomach likes it a lot more.

Some veggie snacks to incorporate: carrots (I hate them though), celery, and bell peppers (my favorite).


  1. I love Bai! I'm so glad it got highlighted on Hungry Girl - now it might be more widely available!