Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer "math camp" or bust

I found a mango in the fridge and added it to my morning smoothie.

Barre was tough on my shoulders today. Not usually the case, but yoga works out my arms and I hold a lot of stress there. I'm also due for a rest day.

When I stopped by my aunt's, I saw my little cousin forgot to go to her second to last day of school!

After she cried, I took her to breakfast. She wanted pancakes and I wanted to check out Park Bench Cafe.

I wanted to eat food at home but saw cinnamon roll French toast on the menu. Done. I ate one slice before packing it up for my other cousin/garbage can.

I ate a spicy jalapeno chicken sausage for good measure before heading to work.

I received two gift cards: Yogurtland and $20 to Starbucks!

Last day of math class. The kids are glad especially since even on the last day, they were put to work.

The former Marine teacher started growing a beard for "math camp" so he says. He revealed the only personal thing about himself all year through a picture: "math camp" is really riding a Harley Davidson with two shotguns. And he's from Montana.

The heat and lack of sleep got to me. I took a nice nap before waking up to consider buying something to take to school tomorrow.

I stopped by Total Wine to buy a gift card for the special ed secretary and got myself a couple of beers.

Wow, deciding what to buy was stressful. One of students asked for peanut butter cookies. There is literally no good place to buy cookies and the cake places nearby are not really professional. The cakes are lopsided or the frosting on cupcakes are messed up.

I wanted to make something myself to save money, but my access to a real oven is so limited. I ended up making the easiest thing I could think of: flourless peanut butter cookies a la Joy the Baker. The recipe is easy and I read a few before deciding on hers'.

One of the cookies fell apart and was promptly stuffed into my mouth. I balanced it out with mashed cauliflower with salt and pepper.

I'm heading to bed a little earlier I hope. I work at 8 A.M. tomorrow!

What is your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe? I love the 'wichcraft peanut butter sandwich cookie recipe.
When does summer really begin for you?

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