Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Read 'em and watch

Among my things to do today (and yesterday) was to start traffic school online (only on section 2) and go to the library. I've been mooching off mom's library card and decided to finally get my own!

I was at our teeny library for an hour. That's a feat. I picked out 3 books.

After lunch, my cousins and I ran some errands. We got Starbucks with my $20 gift card. I chose the grande green tea soy latte and had half.

We headed to the park to play. I almost did all the monkey bars till my hands hurt. They still do!

The park was okay, but we wanted to go to the beach. We packed towels, sunscreen, and activities. My choice:

I read most of it in the few hours we were there. Everything resonated with me. I was so hopeful in the beginning of this book till I realized I already know the answers - I just have to implement them better/fully. At least I went out and immediately bought organic apples. I eat so many apples, or did, that I should make sure they're organic.

We also picked up "A Thousand Words" and this new hummus smoothie in tropical mango to dip my mini peppers in. Kind of strange but not bad.

Time to watch the movie and try to get to bed earlier.

Where do you go to relax during the summer?

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