Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Here comes the summer: bucket list


A la Joy the Baker podcast, I made a summer bucket list. It's nothing fancy, just some Post-Its. I don't have Photoshop on my laptop so I used a random program called pixlr.

I picked items that I can do on a whim rather than big ones, like going to Austin, which I'm doing, or visiting Portland, which may happen. 
     Thanks ladies for hosting!
    What's on your summer bucket list? Any of mine intrigue you?


    1. I think I may have just added everyone of yours to my bucket list =P Thanks for linking up.

    2. cute list! love the post-its! thanks for linking it up!

    3. I totally want to make a parody music video now! What a fun list! Over from the Joy the Baker podcast!

    4. Great idea with the post it notes; it will make it a lot more gratifying to "cross off" items from your list. Just rip that baby off the wall, haha. Glad to have found you via homefries! Wasn't this a fun homework assignment?

    5. Oooooh post-its. Seriously the best invention. Except, you know, Penicillin. But who uses Penicillin every day? :) Such a great list! Sounds like a good summer coming your way!