Sunday, July 1, 2012

MIMM: Ready, set, [July] goals!

June went by so fast. I finished up my first year at the high school and I went to Austin. It was packed with MARVELOUS adventure.

I did manage to complete some of my June goals in the midst of all the fun.
  • Finish Mockingjay and read Drop Dead Healthy, which I also need to buy.
  • Study a chapter this month 'cause let's be real.
  • Catch up with Joy the Baker and Jillian Michaels' podcasts. I love Jillian's podcasts, her advice on yoga (she says Ashtanga is good but not Bikram), and her love of Green & Black chocolates - yum).
  • Sign up for a Tspoons class!
  • Try Ashtanga yoga.
  • Go hiking (in Austin).
  • Complete 4-5 of my Summer Bucket List items.
  • Go vintage/thrift shopping to dress more like Meg. Gosh, she dresses so well.
  • Do the Awesomesauce Arms workout every night from here on out. If no weights available, do body weight arm workouts.
This month I start my summer job and will be using my deal for Ra Yoga. Again, I will be doing tons of yoga like I did in May/June. I'm excited since I've been yoga-less for 2 weeks.

July goals
  • Be social. Get to know my new co-workers.
  • Try Ashtanga yoga. This should happen since Ra offers it.
  • Sign up for a Tspoons class. Still haven't done it yet. :(
  • Finish traffic school. Yeah, that's more of a to-do then a goal.
  • Complete 4-5 items on my Summer Bucket List.
  • Celebrate my 25th birthday. 'Cause I totally didn't celebrate my 24th. 
  • Eat more chocolate.
  • Read more books. I have 3 books on hand plus Mockingjay on audio.
Big goal for the year, which I have to remind myself of: take the CTEL in November! Those study guide questions are kind of hard.

Last night, I started watching a MARVELOUS show, "New Girl." I've been living under a rock. Zooey Deschanel has such great fashion on the show!

The actress plays such a fun character. She's a sing-songy teacher, and reminds me of this MARVELOUS picture:
What are your July goals? 
How did you do with your June goals? 
Anything inspire you lately? Fashion-wise or to live life better?


  1. I'll be 25 this month also! I'm on the lookout for your first Ashtanga experience. I've always admired it, but it kind of scares me.

    1. Anytime anything scares me, I remind myself I've probably done something harder.

      Happy 25th this month!

    2. I LOVE Ashtanga yoga. I was scared to death at first, but there's nothing to be scared of. Just try to pay attention your first class and be prepared to be a sweaty mess at the end and sore the next day. I can't say it got much easier physically week to week, but it was much easier to follow along. Since it's always the same routine, after 2-3 practices, the only thing I didn't know was the chants. Also, tell the instructor beforehand if you are a beginner- mine offered lots of modifications. I had been practicing yoga for years, but I took up Ashtanga after ankle surgery that landed me immobile for 3 months (ugh!). That means, if my weak self can do it - anyone can do it!

  2. One of my goals this month (which it has been lately) is to apply to more jobs! :D And what a lovely post! I'm definitely liking Meg's outfits, they're so cute~~ :)And definitely being outdoors more often with beloved people in my life has been really inspiring.

    1. Watch "New Girl." Zooey Deschanel has so many quirky and fun outfits!

      Oh yes, I forgot outdoors!

  3. I want to listen to Jillian's podcasts but I can't download them on my slow internet connection :( Eww traffic school. Been there.

  4. Yay for your birthday coming up! Seems like you have some great goals, I hope you conquer them all or at least just do your best!

  5. great job on your goals! i've learned its so hard to finish them all but accomplishing some of them is a great feeling! (: