Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chocolate tart & homebrews + bracelet making extravaganza

Only 5 hours of sleep later and...

I made a simple breakfast: a gluten-free waffle with a fried egg.
Then I went shopping for bracelet making extravaganza.

Sadly, our local Michaels' is under construction and has a lackluster selection. They did have Unreal chocolates that I just heard about!

They taste a little different, but I like them more.

After trips to Michaels then JoAnn's and finally Surf City Beads, I got a good selection to start with.

The result of my bracelet making extravaganza was...

One bracelet for me using the Honestly WTF tutorial...

And a wire "bracelet" for my Fair boy-friend. He loved it!

I also picked up 50 cent notecards.

I didn't have much time till work.

When I got to work, there was a giant tray of Blackmarket Bakery goodies. The baker came to demo and I downed a mini tart before taking some home.

The Long Beach Homebrewers were on their way out, but I chatted them into giving me some of their beer. They snuck it to me in 2 liter bottles. :)

Tonight's dinner was a caprese quinoa salad. Balsamic vinegar is somewhat expensive so I just rolled with my first Walden Farms dressing, balsamic vinaigrette, with 0 calories.

I wasn't drinking on the job, but I totally forgot to move a table for the morning crew. Oops. We get so preoccupied on Saturday nights with the crowds!

What crafts are you trying out? Friendship bracelets are so in right now. :)

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