Monday, July 30, 2012

MIMM: Day off, or not.

I'm all stressed out! On my day off.

First, the decision to stay in bed or wake up early to go to TurboKick. Then, whether to take a rest day or go to a later PiYo class.

Second, finding coverage for my shift tomorrow. I've resorted to e-mailing my other boss to see if I can get off early so I can work both.

Lastly, how to relax with my day off. Faux day off because I work at my other job today.

I'm a bundle of stress. I can't even figure out what to eat for breakfast! I've had TIU pancakes for a whole week and lentils for dinner all week too.*

Addition to my lunch, summer corn salad made by Chef Zov Karamardian. It was so good - I ate half the 12 serving bowl! She demoed the salad and beef tenderloin of which I also had a piece last night. :)

And now for the fun! As part of our daily closing schedule, we take pictures where we're not supposed to.

Cowgirl dinner

Tea party


Or not.

A new card I got even though our radio doesn't work.

*I ended up making a TIU protein pancake because it was easiest.

Do you get stressed out easily?
How do you stop stressing out?


  1. Awww I hope your day got better and less stress-ful : (

    When I am stressed I like to focus on things that make me happy and focus on grateful things, that makes me less stressed for sure <3

  2. Yikes, stress is the worst :/// I usually paint my nails to relieve stress :)

    1. You must be really good at painting nails then!

  3. Sorry about your stressed day!! I suck at making decisions when I am stressed too :/ glad you decided on breakfast though :)