Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIAW: Happy Birthday America!

I'm a big Jillian Michaels fan, mostly due to her podcast. She's so "real."

She says these Nature's Path organic hemp waffles are "breakfast heaven" so I nabbed some. They're so much better than Van's lite waffles because of the grainy hemp seeds. I love a nutty texture.

Topped with a tiny bit of banana and PB2 sauce.

I hopped back into bed for an hour. My left side was in weird, womanly pain.

I woke up more tired and immediately worked out to get some energy. I did 2 rounds of the Lady Spartacus workout and 1 round of the regular Spartacus workout. I got to whip out my Gymboss for the first time in awhile. :) It felt good and boy did my left cheek feel it at work.

Most people have heard of the Spartacus workout. Here's the Lady Spartacus set.
  1. Speed Skaters 
  2. Alternating Kettlebell Swings 
  3. Mountain Climbers 
  4. Alternating Presses 
  5. One Arm Rows 
  6. Forward Lunge + Pass 1 Arm 
  7. Overhead Squat 
  8. Side Plank Reach Unders 
  9. Alternating Windmill 
  10.  Meet the Queens 
I dislike mountain climbers, but the hardest was the overhead squat. I used a dumbbell or two, depending on the exercise, instead of a kettlebell. I would like one of those though.

Pre-work #healthydivas Day 4: Red, White (glitter), & Blue nails in my very American white Jeep Liberty. Happy 4th all!

Instead of eating at home, I went to Bristol Farms for a selection of their seafood salad with Cabo corn chips I bought last time and a Bai Panama Peach. Bai is so good and only 5 calories per serving/10 cals per bottle.

I picked mostly white fish ceviche but also mango shrimp (front) and tuna poke (back). There's also one or two mussels in there.

I worked off the food at work. There were quite a few customers. We closed early today so I wasn't too upset.

After work, I stopped by Icicles. I haven't been there since I found CdM Yogurt down the road, but they had peanut butter - my favorite!

When I got home, my cousin and mom had done their nails like mine! I'm the dark one on the top.

Someone else's birthday is coming up. Thanks Starbucks for remembering.

What's the most American thing about you? I'd say my Jeep. :)


  1. Oh man, I LOVE ceviche. I fell in love with it in Costa Rica. I make a mean one with shrimp. Also, your froyo is making me really want some. Especially on this ridiculously hot day.

    1. I'll need that recipe. I have shrimp!