Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer sleep & TV marathon

Today reminded me of college. I woke up super late to an overcast sky. I had yummy hemp waffles with egg whites.

I was lethargic but managed to run a few errands.
Since I knew I wasn't up for a workout, I bought a green juice. Also, it's perfect since waking up late moves all my meals back. This is my "dinner."

And that was it.

I made "lunch" of 2 shrimp spring rolls with half a corn cob, and shared half a beer. Much more bitter than I expected.

Before settling down for a marathon of "New Girl." The show is hilarious. Partway through I caught up on "The Choice" episode with Mike Catherwood, Parker Young, Joe Jonas, and Seth Wescott (see below). Mike was my favorite. He's hot and made me laugh out loud.

I made some progress, I painted my nails:

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