Monday, July 16, 2012

MIMM: Fair inspiration

I'm glad to put Sunday to rest. Wow, was it a rough day. People were rude and/or crazy. Thankfully, I worked and got my mind off of it.

I finally got a chance to take pictures of the exhibit I worked on:

Fruit/veggie carving artist, who gave me this great centerpiece that I forgot to take home. Would've been a perfect gift for my aunt's birthday too!

Greggy Soriano from "The Next Great Baker" designs cakes

One day very soon I will learn to preserve foods. That's on my summer bucket list now.

Vintage appliances is my heaven!

I was in charge of table settings/tablescapes. Who knew they were so cool? One day I will do this...

Though work isn't completely exciting all the time - lots of walking around - my creative juices are flowing. I want to...
  • Design tablescapes.
  • Learn how to can.
And I learned I bake better than a lot of people. Except probably The Blue Ribbon Baker. She had tons of entries and won a lot. 

Yesterday's breakfast was inspired by the Grilled Cheese Social. I don't eat too many sandwiches, but here's one.

Now it's off to work. In the morning. I'll take a nap then go to the gym.

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