Monday, July 2, 2012

A healthy diva eats chocolate

I'm giving this photo a day a try. I never remember so wish me luck!

#healthydivas Day 1: Pink was reminiscent of Healthy Diva Eats' day 1. I found a pink straw at home for my breakfast smoothie.

Lunch after the gym: baked sweet potato fries and 1 egg + 1 egg white in a brown rice tortilla.

I added avocado - yum!

After listening to Jillian Michaels' podcast, I was craving some Green & Black's white chocolate. Okay, white chocolate isn't the best for you, but this is absolutely delicious. It's sweet, but has much more cocoa content (30%) and has specks of vanilla. Vanilla is for losers, vanilla bean is where it's at.

I was all smiles for Day 2: Smiles #healthydivas. Had to catch up.

I stopped by The Cheese Shop at the OC Mart Mix to get a bar of Mast Brothers Chocolate. I chose the vanilla & smoke over sea salt, coffee flavors, and hazelnut. Sea salt is so common and I don't like coffee much. The bar is basic: cacao, cane sugar, and vanilla bean.

The smoky flavor wasn't too pungent and only present in the aftertaste. The cacao content is 71% so it's dark but still tasty.

Look what else I found on my phone. I was being serious too. Don't judge me.

Long day at work. We actually had to work until 9:40 and had to take a "break." I brought a half salad with 3 shrimp and avocado so I supplemented it with seafood salad at Bristol Farms. They have an amazing selection of white fish ceviche, mussels, mango shrimp, salmon and tuna poke. I got a teeny bit of each and mostly ceviche. My favorite was tuna poke, mussels with sun-dried tomatoes, and the ceviche was quite good.

Gah, I got some school loan bills. Must save more (to pay them) and eat out less. Unfortunately, all my food is holed up at my mom's and I'm at home. I'll have to swing on by in the morning.


  1. Great job on the challenge so far. I think I'm going to make a separate post every 6 or so days and post those pictures then. I tend to forget to do things everyday hah. I have been loving Jillian Michaels podcasts they are great to listen to!

    1. That's a much better idea. I saw someone do that on their blog for another photo a day and thought it was much better. I tend to forget unless I remind myself daily or every other day.