Thursday, July 19, 2012

Giving Pilates a chance

Yesterday I said I didn't love hot yoga, and now I'm going to tell you I love Pilates even less.

I rarely go to Pilates - I find yoga more doable, accessible, and less painful. Yes, Pilates is painful on my back. I'd rather get my pain on with some lifting or cardio.

Just because I don't love it doesn't mean I don't like it sometimes and will do it.

I'm the girl who took spin at least twice a week for a month before deciding I couldn't stand it and it's just another form of cardio.

I also trained for and ran a 5K in a pretty decent time. Then I gave it up because I get bored from steady state cardio. I did find out I enjoy some sprints during Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer.

I'll try anything once, twice, or more like ten times.

Today I went to Yogalates over at Ra Yoga. The class is heated just enough, the instructor was bubbly, and... I felt the pain in my inner thighs. Good pain though. And the heat may have saved my back, or I was extremely conscious of sucking in my gut.

The LSU football team doing yogalates...

I almost didn't wake up early enough for breakfast! Tragic. I used to eat after, but ever since the LiveFit Trainer, I started to eat pre-workout for fuel. Though, then I'm not eating a post-workout recovery snack/meal. Gah, so many logistics right?

Anyways, I made myself a quick and easy apple quinoa parfait!

I wish I had nicer cups! Tomorrow, making a trip to Ikea.

I made a whole batch of plain quinoa for the week, mostly to try breakfast quinoa. All I did was scoop and layer Greek yogurt, quinoa, and Trader Joe's unsweetened applesauce twice and voila.

Last night, I had a mac and cheese quinoa with crab meat. It was so good that I devoured it before I could take a picture. Essentially, it was almond milk + shredded cheeses + seasonings on the stove then mix in 1/2 cup cooked quinoa + 1/2 can crab meat.

Oh, now my tummy is grumbling! Though, I'm saving space for Seabirds Truck's sweet potato fries at the fair this afternoon. Best sweet potato fries ever.

In Fair (work) news, we've turned boring into interesting. My girls and I request songs from our musicians, chat with the chocolatier, and talk to co-workers in other departments. Our department is heavily female and while we love each other, we like men. :) We also had our first drunk encounter! She was harmless but got playfully mad at her boyfriend and threw our hay at him.

Our musician, Danny Maika, rapped for us yesterday.

I'll have to request this now that I know he knows it! :)

I have a little while before work: online, eat, read, and study for 30 minutes before work (have to start somewhere).

If you workout in the morning, do you eat before or after your workout?