Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters: Scenes from the Fair


Dear 9:30 A.M. TurboKick attendees, I got to class 30 minutes early and the class was already full. You guys are insane.

Dear new-to-me TurboKick instructor, Your music is too slow. You slowed it down for us to get low, but I already get low. I just get annoyed. I'm stickin' to my regular instructors and doing my own thing if their classes are packed.

Dear Joy the Baker, I'm loving Diptic. Check out my photos...

Dear Tone It Up Girls, I finally made your protein pancakes look like pancakes! They stayed together!
TIU protein pancake that looks like a pancake
Dear Xan Chocolates, Your Big Mouth chocolate is my favorite so far. I wonder if I can try it at home.
Xan Chocolates' apple pie & Big Mouth: PB, caramel, & rice crispy! Or, my diet of lentils & chocolate.
 Dear Chef Ray, liked your other creations more than the one you gave me. Then you took it away.
Chef Ray Duey's veggie/fruit bouquet he gave me.

Girl Scouts came to Rock the Fair today.
 Dear Girl Scouts, This is how we felt about you today.
This is how we felt about them...

Dear Info Desk, I like your location. I can see everything from here.
Info desk boredom
Dear Greggy, I like this cake most.
The Next Great Baker Greggy Soriano's creation
Dear Musicians, You take too long to clean up so we climb on props and take pictures.
Shh... after hours
Dear Night Crew, I love you guys.
Night crew guarding the chocolate. Is it real?
Dear Jasmin, Lila really does love you though.
So much lov
Dear Cousin Joe, You should probably have taken the bigger cart.
Big guy (my cousin), small cart. Small guy, big cart.
Dear Sound Guy, We have a love/hate relationship with you.
And for your eyes, our collective Fair boyfriend, sound guy/Thunder Thighs/Mr. "This is my good side."
*I used a new iPhone app called Diptic, recommended yesterday by Joy the Baker. :)