Sunday, July 29, 2012

Still on Top of the World

Shoot me. Okay, don't. The night was terrible but the last few moments made it better.

Saturday night was the worst night we've had at work. Everyone was drunk, had bad attitudes, took off their shirts, broke our fake chocolate, ran into our signs, and gave me blank stares.

I don't want to recap much, except to say that my Fair boyfriend made me feel better and I let some drunk guy come in after hours because a) he just wanted a quick picture and b) he was cute. Plus, it lightened things up a little to end our night.

I was also somewhat exhausted. I woke up early and couldn't go back to bed so tossed and turned till hiking time.

We spent an hour driving, 45 minutes getting lost on foot, and only 1 hour actually hiking. Good thing the view was gorgeous at the Top of the World.
View from Top of the World Elementary School. Wouldn't it have been nice to go here?

Walking in a gorgeous Laguna Beach neighborhood.

Chris & Peter have the weirdest conversations.

Top of the World!

The first part of the hike was all downhill, so much so that I just went on my hands and bottom! Haha.

The second part was nicer for me: uphill.

View of the ocean as we waited for Peter... Haha.

Me at the Top of the World

Top of the World and the end of our short adventure.

We ended up having lunch at Ruby's Shake Shack. I got a GoFit Veggie Protein Patty on a gluten-free bun (ate half), without cheese + sweet potato fries (half).
On the way to lunch.

Gorgeous Crystal Cove!

I rushed off to work, and I already told you the rest...

Breakfast was another TIU protein pancake. It has been my go-to breakfast everyday!

Have you heard of The Rim of the World? Michelle Kwan went to high school there in Lake Arrowhead.
What has been your favorite hike thus far? This isn't my favorite hike based on the terrain, but this is the most gorgeous view! We also walked by tons of amazing Laguna Beach homes and vehicles.
How do you deal with crazies at work?

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