Friday, July 13, 2012

3 On Thursday: All work, more play

Today was a shorter day, but I'm more tired. I was on my feet for 9.5 hours and at work for 10 hours. I began by stuffing envelopes then moved baked goods and set them up for display. We also are stocking half of each and every entry in our freezer. Insane. The adult baked goods were fine. Once I got to children's, I was sticky and lost.

The last few hours were the worst because all my workers went home. When I got off at 11:45, the whole fair was set-up and I got lost getting out. I ended up behind a building, in a fenced-off alley with storage on both sides - I thought I was going to get killed a la most movies.

Before work, I made it to Ra Strength. I heard this instructor was tougher and boy is she! I used 5's and 8's but really should have grabbed the 3's for class. My calves and shoulders were burning!

Lots of work and no play sound rather terrible. However, I'm enjoying the company.

Otherwise, I'd feel useless and start daydreaming...
3 on Thursday
Tell us about your 3 favorite vacations, or any upcoming vacations you have planned.

1) Outer Banks, North Carolina - First time I wore a bikini! I felt like I was in a Nicholas Sparks book!
2) Walt Disney World - I got to visit all the parks for free, and it was the first trip away from my parents.
3) Portland, Oregon - I would love to go! There are a few places I want to visit - Austin, Portland, and Denver - and since I just did Austin, I would love to go to Portland. Austin was fun, but I'm not as far removed from it to give it a proper review.

Where do you want to visit?


  1. i live in NC and i've never been to the outer banks!

  2. Great locations! I just love Disney and am curious how you got to visit all the parks for free. :-)

  3. I said WDW too. It's just magical, I think, no matter your age.

    I've heard a lot about the OBX - everyone who has been absolutely loves it.