Thursday, July 26, 2012

Closed my eyes and BodyPumped

I really had to convince myself to go, mostly because I slept in too late for Yogalates.

Not only that, I ran to the gym. Kinda. I ran and walked there and back for a total of 2 miles. 1 mile of running. Still, it only took me 15 minutes each way. :)

But really, I closed my eyes during BodyPump to really focus.
  • Warm-up: good
  • Squat: better than usual
  • Chest: good
  • Back: awesome as always :)
  • Triceps: below average because it's a ridiculous set - dips, tricep pushups, extension with a sore wrist
  • Biceps: better than usual
  • Lunges: better than usual
  • Shoulders: below average, because I wear out my shoulders easily
  • Abs: good
The better than usuals came as a result of focus. Last week, I had a revelation - I focused on my abs to bring me forward. I know that's not particularly revolutionary, but I tried it with biceps today.

It totally worked. My right bicep was extremely sore and I couldn't do the "bottom half" bicep curls by the end, but I felt a good burn in my bicep instead of my forearms.

As for squats and lunges, I tried my best. My inner thighs need a lot of work but whose doesn't?

Breakfast was the same as yesterday, a crumbly TIU protein pancake and a bombshell spell.

My cousin Catherine and I picked up food for the dogs and yogurt for ourselves.

I had a real lunch of curried tuna salad.

My favorite thinkThin bar held me over till dinner...

Then it was work. Our current band takes forever to leave so we all waited and played.

An $80 reminder if you want to buy it, but a picture is good enough for me.

Do you have any problems with weight training, or any tips?

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