Sunday, July 8, 2012

1st Meetup: Peters Canyon hike

In May, I made the goal of going to 2+ Meetup events. Well, I didn't, and the goal didn't carry over. Still, like with everything, I had it in the back of my mind. Plus, I get all the e-mails.

I also have Peters Canyon in my Yelp bookmarks. One of my co-workers hikes there sometimes, and let's be real, Orange County hiking couldn't be extremely strenuous. Yet I never managed to go alone.

I saw that the OC Young, Fun and Nerdy group had a hiking venture to Peters Canyon and jumped on it. And... I actually went!

Oatmeal to get me going:

Everyone was extremely easy to talk to and lots of fun. I had a chance to talk to everyone in the group during the 1.5 hour hike. We did 5 miles with some hills.

The group ate lunch afterwards. I decided to hang around but ate when I came home. After a long, hot walk, I wanted something cool: shrimp spring rolls (in rice paper not fried) again! Its been my go-to meal lately.

Summary of my first Meetup group event:
  • I'm excited to get to know these people.
  • I will not shy away from Meetup groups.
  • In our group of 10, there were 2 or 3 other first timers.
  • I'm okay walking uphill, but it's the downhill I dislike.
  • So I'm not as nerdy as I think. My cousin doesn't think I'm particularly nerdy either.
I was quite dusty so after a show, I took a quick nap. Once I stop moving, my body gets tired. When I woke up, I went grocery shopping to make my meals for the week, or at least tomorrow.

For tomorrow's breakfast, I made Powercakes' Power Pumpkin Roll. It's so good that I'm making it my birthday breakfast!

The roll is cooling in the fridge. It looks like a burrito wrapped in foil.

I haven't added the frosting yet, but it's simply Greek yogurt, chia seeds, vanilla extract, and sugar.

For dessert tonight, I picked up frozen yogurt from Yogurtland with my cousin and a bar of World Market's strawberry & champagne dark chocolate.

The chocolate is less dark than usual. The dried strawberries are speckled throughout and give a teeny crunch. Not sure if the champagne flavor is quite there.

Time to catch up on "MasterChef 3" while I do a little baking - I'll tell you about it later.
"The only thing that Chinese people don't eat with legs are chairs."
- Felix, "MasterChef 3"
What outdoor activities have you done so far?
Have you ever joined a Meetup group or anything similar? I went to an Easter Day hike coordinated by the local yoga community center. It wasn't as fun as this one though. We did yoga at the top of our hike, but the terrain didn't allow us to walk side-by-side.

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