Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just add it: fancy concotions & getting lost

Today's motto: just add it.

I had time before my noontime kickboxing class, or so I thought. The street sweepers were on their way so I quickly brushed my teeth, put on clothes, and made breakfast.

I wanted to make honey coconut quinoa so I soaked my quinoa in almond milk and then added almonds and coconut flakes. The other ingredients were missing so I added a dollop of Greek yogurt and unsweetened applesauce for flavor. It wasn't pretty but it was good enough.

I decided to hit up TJ Maxx. Ever since I saw my friend Rachel Ann's dishes, I've thought about buying myself more dishes. I have dishes but nothing good enough for pictures.
All I found were these owl bowls in the shape of dog bowls, but I'm pretty sure they're for humans.

I made it to kickboxing and totally killed it, and I'm my toughest critic. It's not often I feel so good about my efforts.

I was in la-la land after that and forgot where I parked my car! Security in a golf cart helped me find it... after 30 minutes.

Then... the roads were blocked and I took the most roundabout way home.

Sore and tired, I showered and made myself a ridiculous lunch. I had eggs on my mind and attempted to poach two eggs without vinegar, add a giant spoonful of Greek yogurt, and chunks of avocado.

Scenes from last night

Jasmin rockin' lost child's sunglasses

Concessionaire Cup in which the vendors brought their foods. I snagged chocolate covered bacon to take home for the family.

Peppermint piano courtesy of the sweet chocolatiers with a lovely wood grain!

This is the biggest bug bite I've ever had. I need a band aid.

I'm going to roll around in bed, get some coffee, pray my stomach stops being upset from my concoctions today, and go to work. It should be a wild one!

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